Back Stateside

As I sit here waiting for the gang to get back from ze gym and watch the HUGE Ronda Rousey VS Amanda Nunez fight (Ronda is looking fit AF..). I’ve just created what I believe to be a phenomenal sequence that I cant wait to try on Trevor tomorrow!


To update you beautiful people, I’ve been back in the States for just over 2 weeks now! We flew into LA on two flights. One from Bangkok to Guangzhou, China (about 3 hours) with a 6 hour layover and then from Guangzhou, China to LAX (about 12 hours). The flights were pretty easy going. We got super lucky and were able to snag us some business seats for the 12 hour flight so that was super dope! We were welcomed at arrivals by Trevor’s beautiful parents, Stacy and Mike (we were beyond excited to see them). The first thing we HAD to do was get DONUTS, and thats exactly what we did! We went to Randys donuts in LA and got a shit ton of freakin’ delicious donuts and headed back to this awesome hotel where we spent the night before making our was to Arizona. The day n’ a half in LA was spent eating delicious food, walking around, hanging with Stacy, Mike, Trevs bro Trace, Trace’s Gf Alex, and of course, Thunder Rooskie Booskie (their cutie puppy), and sleeping in a dreamy bed to wake up the next morning and begin the 6 hour drive to Fountain Hills. That drive turned into 9 hours due to traffic and construction.. it was a bummer but we finally made it around 12:30am.

The jet lag was real and took until now to get over and back into the swing of things. We have really been letting loose and enjoying things over the last couple weeks so its just about time to get healthy. It is fantastic being back in the States after so long in Asia just hanging out. I am exceptionally grateful for all things big and small (free water, people speaking english, cleanliness, paper towels, 88 cent blueberries, to name but a few!).

Our first weekend we went to “Santarchy” here in Scottsdale, AZ. I wasn’t very familiar with it but apparently it happens all over the US. I was trying to explain this bar crawl to my sister (didn’t know the name at the time ) and she was like “Oh! We have something like that called Santarchy in Dearborn”. So same same, but different. Everyone gets super decked in Christmas gear or costumes and basically just gets hammered and goes to these specific bars on a list for sweet deals. Trev ran to Goodwill about an hour before we went out and put together cute christmasy outfits and had a super fun night!

For the first week or so I’ve had to take a break off of yoga or any real activity due to what I think is a bruised rib? I think it may have stemmed from the 6 hours I was leaning over the chair to get my tattoo. I had what was like a pulled muscle in my back that moved to my right side. At first I was a bit worried because it was hurting so much when I would breath deep or sleep. I tried rolling it out which made it worse and then just decided to break from any kind of strenuous play, even yoga, and it’s slowly getting better. Not doing yoga was super hard but finally get back into it and realizing how strong I’ve become, its unreal. You don’t notice as much during the yoga training the strength you’ve obtained until after you give yourself a break and get back to it.


This slight injury has helped me slow down and repair myself in order to come back even better. . There’s something to learn from every experience, you may just have to dig a little deeper to find it. Doing yoga has been slow but within the last 4 or 5 days I’ve been really listening to my body while taking classes at Lifetime (a souped up gym that Stacy works at. She’s a really great fitness instructor all over Arizona) and just today at the Yoga Village here in Fountain Hills. Possible prospects for a place for teaching? Trev and I have also been trying to do some cardio in the mornings and walk around the fountain.

Christmas Eve was fun, spending time at Zipps watching a football game that meant a lot to the boys. After Zipps we all went to this ridiculously amazing make your own ice cream sandwich place. We were all in heaven!

Christmas day came before we knew it and spent the morning opening beautiful gifts and being goofy. Trev and his fam went on a family run while I face-timed with my Grammy and then Grandma Jude, my mother, and sisters! It was an interesting experience because I don’t really talk with my family, especially my mother. Much of the chat with my Grammy was her showing me her house and wishing each other a Merry Christmas. We did get to talking about my little bro and grandpa which caused tears in a good way. The next call with my grandma, mom and sisters was nice but its always hard talking to my mom. It amazes me how my grandma Jude and sisters push through everyday and act as if nothing is wrong when deep down I know they are hurting. I’m so proud of all of them! The talk with my mother was nothing but crying as she tried telling me what may have happened to my brother. The convo ended with a bad connection and from there I did some yoga and got ready for the day. The day ended with dinner at Mikes parents and we had fondue!

I’ll be making a visit home to Michigan for my Grandfathers Memorial on Jan 12th and hopefully bring a strength and positive energy to my fam. I am looking forward to seeing them and my best friends Dan and Andi! Also looking forward to teaching some wicked yoga classes!

As far as work goes, we have some exciting things in the works so stay tuned and as always, I hope you are enjoying the blog and feedback and shares are always appreciated.

Much Love,


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