Busy bee

Worker bee.
Good morning beautiful people, Happy Sunday. Writing you all from AZ! The weather is just fantastic right now and I am just the busiest as can be. It ranges from 75 degrees (F!) to 90 right now. The evenings are beautifully chilly. I’m working 3 jobs at the moment so just building our empire as Trev and I like to say.

Im at the point at Starbucks where I FINALLY know what I’m doing. Things are beginning to “click” as other employees have described it. I enjoy working a max of 6 hours. An 8 hour day at this high volume place is just too much especially when the shift begins during the rush in the morning or my most recent experience with the Unicorn Frappucino release (SUPER amazing for sour lovers but SUPER unhealthy)!! ALREADY SOLD OUT so that’s beautiful. I’ve made some great friends over at Starbucks as well, some real g’s up in there!

I began hostessing at a gorgeous place down the road called Flourish about 6 weeks ago. Its inside a resort named Copperwynd (Also, where Trevor began as Front Desk and has since been promoted to some kind of Assistant?) Seriously google this place, the view is unbelievable and the food is delishhh! The owners Bill and Sarah are super super nice and it just so happens that Trev (my fiance of course) and Sarahs daughter met YEARS ago on a cruise!! Such a small world!! 

Besides the beautiful view and food my experience has been interesting to say the least being scheduled as the only hostess on my FIFTH DAY!?? Thank GOODNESS I have prior fine dining experience in a high volume place! I was stressed but made it through.. Any newbie would have been found crying in the closet (happened to me once upon a time, people with high standards can be so mean!) But like Starbucks, I’m now use to it, though learning something new EVERYDAY. They’ve also offered to have our wedding there at an awesome rate! Hmmm!? Something to think about. They have the most beautiful lawn that I actually got to take yoga on with Jason.
Still very unsure of what we REALLY want to do for the wedding. Still just basking in the engagement. We do know that we wont be getting married until March/April 2019 so we have plenty of time. Most likely having a small wedding ceremony and partying it up elsewhere on another date?? Michigan?? Chicago?? 

Oh! I began teaching at a studio down the street called Trufit. Its been wonderful and my students are fantastic. I also met a pretty rad friend who studied under one of my favorite yoga teachers. Its such a welcoming community at Trufit where we join to yoga and take care of our bodies. Yesterday I guided the the yogis through a beautiful, calming yet energizing slow hatha flow. I LOVE seeing that yoga after glow on everyone.

I did have two days off this month. On one of them I got to get together with two of my friends at Bevvy in Oldtown where mah boo face works! He took care of us like the gent that he is (I’m a lucky gal that’s for sure!!). It was nice to be able to relax and chill. Will def be planning another outing when we get back from NY…

The haitus on modeling is semi over with this very near trip to New York tomorrow!! I barely have time to think with the frequent daily doubles at Starbucks and Flourish but I am looking forward to that amazing energetic city with my soulmate. Besides the meetings that our beautiful momma agent is setting up for us, we also have plans of visiting a museum, doing LOTS of walking, and going on a nice fancy date! I’ll give updates on that in the next week or so!
Until next time friends,

So much Love,



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