Sawatdee-kah (“Hello” in Thai) my good people. TOUCHDOWN 🙌🏻🙌🏻 I’m writing you all from my bungalow this afternoon in Koh Samui, Thailand! I dont have much time but so far its unbelievable and I wish I could live here forever. A little run around for those of you that dont know:

Im here!

I’ve been in Bangkok since mid September on a crazy modeling contract that ended in termination with 18 days left until my yoga teacher training. It was a blessing in disguise and worked out beautifully in the end and man did those 18 days fly!!

So here we are finally at the end of this 10 month experienced filled adventure that my boyfriend and I began in February of this year.  We managed to do 4 contracts in Asia: Guangzhou, Philippines, Malaysia, and then Thailand leading up to this very moment – yoga teacher training in Koh Samui!! So stoked about waking up here for the next 28 days and learning everything about everything in yoga in paradise, it’s a dream come true.

Anyways sooooooo..It all begin yesterday, waking up at 5am. I’ve been training myself the last couple weeks with 6am. My body clock wakes me up around 5:20am anyways… so it was an easy morning with breakfast, showering, and some last minute packing. I was out the door on this beautiful adventure at 6am.

My love woke with me, so it was nice to spend our usual mornings together. He had big plans to watch the UFC match at an American bar in downtown Bangkok. He was nice enough to walk me to the bus stop stop that was around 20 minutes walk. I took the bus because it was for one, only 19 baht (it’s 34 baht to 1 usd!!! It’s a hell of deal) and after the 20 min walk, a straight shot to Don Mueang International airport. Secondly, I just effing love taking the bus!!

The night before I was to wake up and get to the bus I realized that the bus and ferry ticket I bought required me to print the e-ticket beforehand, seriously!? What year are we in?? On the way to the bus stop there was magically an open Internet cafe! I hurried in, printed the ticket (dope! Only 5baht), and was on my way. That worked out perfectly seeing as it cut off time that I’d be looking for a place to print it in the airport. We waited about 10 minutes before an air conditioned 29 bus rolled up, I got a goodbye kiss, and was on my way.

After a 30 minute bus ride I got out and crossed over the foot bridge and was at the airport. I did the whole check in and security business with flying colors because I’m a freakin pro at packing with this whole living out of a suitcase thing.

Boarding was at 9am on Nok Air with the flight at 9:20 which actually departed a little after 9:30am. My flight was 1 hour and 5 minutes and included free 15kg checked baggage AND a nice snack, yesss to flights in Asia! I was a tad bit worried with the slight flight delay because I had to catch my bus that departed at 11:20am which didn’t allow me much time to get my checked baggage and find the bus.

I started getting nervous when the descent started just before 1030am. I needed to check into the Seatrain bus company by 10:50am!! The plane landed at this itty bitty airport in Surat Thani and I jetted out the back to ground level where I passed all the passengers scoring pics with the airplane and to the security dude. I asked if I could check in with the bus and get my luggage after and thankfully I could (with just 4 minutes until I’d be marked late without a ticket refund!!).


I got my dope greenish skull luggage (Christmas gift from my amazing best friends) from the luggage belt and got my ass outside to the bus area. I honestly couldn’t tell you what happened, it happened so fast and no one really spoke English besides are the touristy looking peeps. Somehow I managed to get on a bus that left at 11am instead of the 11:20am. I sat in the first seat in the front row for an easy exit.

The bus ride was 1 hour and 30 minutes with it’s destination being Donsak Pier where I took the Ferry. I had a 2.5 hour wait so I went to a cafe and got a tuna sandwich with green tea and just chilled. They started moving people to the boat around 220pm.

The amazingly good vibes started on that walk from the waiting room the that boat! The views of the sea and background with the wind was absolutely breath taking. I couldn’t believe the color of the water to the sky. I sat up top of the boat where it was open to feel the fresh air and wind in my hair. It was a blissful 1 hour and 30 minutes, total beachy island vibes landing me in Koh Samui!

The shore was magnificent as the sun began to set. I manage to get a joint taxi with this other couple going the same way. It cost me 200baht and I was there.

VIKASA, “You have reached your destination”. Vikasa means Evolution in Sanskrit and it’s where I’ll be for the next 30 days doing my 200 hours of learning what’s what on yoga, in hopes to graduating and on my way to becoming a pretty kick ass yoga instructor!

I checked in and right away noticed one of the guys I had been conversing with via facebook about all the details. He asked me to joined him and another fellow YTT girl from Iceland (soooo cool!). Got to know them a bit and then headed to the bungalow.. super cute and stylish with those cute towel animals. Everyone at Vikasa is really inviting and I could see why always getting wake up here!


I cleaned up a bit, relaxed, and headed to Vikasa cafe for a buffet dinner which was totally scrumptious and healthy. Oh and the dessert! Dont even get me started.. 3 words; Mango. Sticky. Rice. YUM!

Around 8pm we all gathered for the tea ceremony where we first got to meet Kosta and a few of the gang at Vikasa and mingled. It was nice although I am pretty quit so it takes me some time to meet people. From there I climbed up and down all the hills to my bungalow by the beach and went to sleep.

Day 1 so far….

I didnt sleep as well as I should have but I woke up to this-

Which is my most favorite part of taking my yoga training here in Koh Samui. The sunrise, my absolute favorite time of the day.

We started with a 7am yoga practice with our teacher and founder of Vikasa, Kosta Miachin. He’s got this amazing, happy energy thats just infectious. So ya practice was phenomenal and I am eager to learn!


Brunch was everything I could have dreamed of: a delicious muesli mixture, assortment of exotic fruits, bread and jams, a salad bar, gluten free pancakes with chocolate sauce, omelets, coffee and teas, and a bunch more stuff. I sat on the higher level where we use bean bags for chairs. I love to overlook the view and people gathering and eating its such cool freakin vibes yo! Later on, my Icelandic pal joined me, she’s just a riot and we can talk forever or sit in silence taking it all in, its cool.

And here I am now in my bungalow writing this. I’ve got about 20 minutes before we head to our introduction meeting where we will meet all 35 peeps in our class (theres so many of us!) and then have our second yoga practice of the day followed by that damn good dinner buffet! Feeling so thankful and as always, I hope you guys are enjoying the blog and let me know what you think. Feedback is greatly appreciated! Until next time.

Until next time,

Much Love,


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4 thoughts on “TOUCHDOWN. KOH SAMUI!

  1. You life journey is truly amazing. My heart is overjoyed knowing you are so thankful for the many blessings and appreciate your life. I continually lift you up in prayer and I am at peace knowing God is taking care of you. The pictures are beautiful and I too, wish I was there to enjoy the sites and sounds of the water. Keep up the good work. Love you.


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