Already Into Week 2 – YTT

Dudes just checking in real quick before I get to bed and oh, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! Its already been 12 days since I’ve arrived in Koh Samui for my yoga teacher training and its been crazy awesome. We’ve been taking in a shit ton of information but at the same time, it’s flying so fast (I dont want it to end, so far..).

Yesterday we started the Anatomy portion of the training (that’s right, I’m not JUST “stretching”). We will take in a total of 20 hours of Anatomy in 4 days. The teacher, Michelle Lam (From HK), is such a boss and makes it a tiny bit easier to learn. Of course its freaking hard but Im trying my best and the hands on helps. We touch each other to see how muscles and what not work (we be gettin niceeee and close).

At this point we have dropped down to 33 students and everyone is becoming quit close. Its much like the modeling industry in Asia in the way that everyone is from all over and with so much time spent together the time flies and relationships develop at high speed.

As of yesterday we have one practice a day instead of 2 but the teachers make sure to kick our asses even harder. Kosta likes to make us hold poses for like 9 minutes (haha ok not 9, only 3 or 4?) and Jason teaches a lot from Ashtanga with more of a flow (love it!).

The first week was absolutely challenging but Kosta and Jason are smart and built up everyones strength before letting us have it. I’d say it never gets easier, I just get stronger.

In week 1 our days started with a 2.5 hour yoga practice with Kosta (people.. yoga is not just “stretching”). We do a crazy amount of meditation which I’m not use to but surprisingly its growing on me! I always leave the first class in the morning feeling really REALLY good no matter how hard the class is (mornings are my thang!).


Around 9:30am we head to brunch which is my favorite,  well actually the combo of the morning practice followed by this amazing feast is def. my favsies. I try to shower before I get to breakfast because I usually find myself chillin’ with my super cool friends till the dynamics class at 1pm. During the mornings I tend to sit in the upper level overlooking everything in bean bag chairs. The Vikasa Cafe has the best view. I usually begin sitting with my Icelandic friend Pala (she is seriously the funniest) who usually dips out to finish reading homework (thats right.. HOMEWORK) and I usually close brunch chatting it up with my one or both of my super dope friends from the UK, Mikey and Fi. They are such beautiful, funny souls. We laugh most of the morning and its the best way to start the day.


Group dynamics class started at 1pm and is with Betty (she’s originally from Germany). We start and end her classes with a short mediation. In her class we do cool group work that closes with us sharing how we felt during the activity. One of the days we were paired up and asked 3 questions for 8 minutes each; What do you want? What would that bring you? How does it feel to acknowledge that? It was really interesting to share all of this with KIKI (from Sweden) and even though I still don’t know much about her, I still feel like we have this special bond. Its also interesting how the answers started with material things and ended with more emotional responses. I love that her classes are always so different and that we get to find out a little more about ourselves and others. Im super super stoked to have my Reiki session with her in December!

After group dynamics we had Theory for two hours. Theory classes are taught by Kosta and Jason. The both of them speak with such passion which makes it easy for me to pay attention and actually get the ridiculous amount of info into my brain. The first 10 days included a ton of stuff on asana, meditation, how to breath, nutrition, and soo much more. Kosta tells a lot of interesting stories about his experiences (he’s had some crazy ones).

The days ended with another 2.5 hour yoga practice with Jason. Hes been nice enough to take it easy on us in the first week to build strength in order to not burn us out. Its really nice to have the two different teaching styles. By savasana in the PM class I find it hard because I am starving by dinner but one of my many intentions for the course is to show up and give 100% everyday. Some days are better then others but I think I am getting use to it.

On Saturday we were taught a class by Craig who is a crazy good yogi. He is a level 5 Ashtanga practitioner and has practiced for like 30+ years (he can put both of his legs behind his back!!). His class was very strong and had a ton of chaturangas but was fun to try to contort our bodies into different poses then we are use to.

We tend to end our last practice around 6:30pm and from there we rush up the 100 of stairs to the Vikasa Cafe again for THAT dinner buffet. I tend to sit in the same spot overlooking the main dining area in the beach bag chairs because all the sitting I am in a lot of pain but slowly getting use to it. Its a different view from morning but ever so relaxing with the dim lights. The food is always good and some nights spicier then others. We’ve been learning so much about food like when you shouldnt drink liquids, when you shouldnt eat fruit, and sattvic foods (pure, wholesome, natural). We eat 2 meals per day and have a snack between (ps. You should chew your food till its almost liquid/ 20 chews per bite). Oh, and dont get me started on their RAW desserts by chef Sergei!! They are absolutely delicious.

My dinner crew is usally Pala, Keri (Cool chick from the States), and Carlan (Sweet, Angel like babe from Canada) and sometimes even Lexie (She’s also from ze States) graces us with her beautiful presence. Im making lots of friends! After dinner I am usually in a food coma and head back to my room to Skype with the boyfriend that lasts a good couple minutes because I’m always SO exhausted at nighttime.

On Sunday we had a much needed off day (those are our off days).  I woke up to a sunny morning and practiced on my own a bit, finished my weekend homework, and spent some time overlooking the view on the rocks then went to brunch. My mantra for the day was RELAX which is hard to do when all I wanted to do was MORE yoga but sometimes, in order to progress you need to rest! A bunch of us went over to the beach where we enjoyed that good ol’ Vitamin D, swam in the ocean, and got massages. I also enjoyed a coconut but definitely made sure to be back to Vikasa in time for the dinner. I kept it super chill and hung with some friends until around 9:15pm and headed to the bungalow to sleep (WOOO!! crazy night).

So here we are already in week 2. It was basically the same schedule for Monday and Tuesday except Tuesday we didnt have a scheduled practiced. That doesnt mean I didnt do yoga because I most absolutely did. Our pal Mikey taught a fun flow-y class with arm balances and inversions which was a good change.

Yesterday is when things shift around for all this Anatomy business and now the days start with an hour of Meditation at 7am, followed by two hours of Anatomy and then to brunch at 10am. We did start getting bananas as of today which do tide us over till brunch. After brunch we head back to learn more Anatomy for 3 hours. After that we get a bit of a break which I normally just head back to the bungalow and chill in the AC and am back to the big yoga sala for our 4pm yoga practice with Kosta or Jason. After practice we head to dinner. Today I had a “Thanksgiving” chocolate raspberry cheesecake. Its raw vegan so its not cheesecake and is instead made with cashews.


I’m in love with every bit of my course so far, good and bad. I’ve had my emotional weak days and I’ve had my strong focused days. Whats most important is that I’m approaching with a beginner mind and applying myself 100%. We are all going on this huge boat trip on Sunday so I am really looking forward to that.. and an anatomy test on Monday (NOT looking forward to that).


Its time for me to hit the hay! I hope you guys enjoy and like always I appreciate the feedback.

Until next time,

Much Love,


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